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4B TRADING CO started as an idea in my head years ago. My name is Brooke... my family are Bill - my husband, Beckett - my son, and Brighton - my daughter. Hence the 4B - we are all B names! 

I have always be a creative type. Making and selling things most of my adult life so I could stay home with my kids when they were little. Now they are young adults and they are just as creative as I am! Such a fun thing having kids who create! 

I love Jesus with all my heart and try to make products for others that are like minded, but keep in mind that I am an "I Love Jesus but I cuss a Little" kind of girl, so you will also see some funny products that might have some language. People tend to like those products too, so we have a little bit for everyone! 

I LOVE doing custom orders, and making special memories for your family, PLEASE reach out if you have an idea and let's try to bring it to life! Lots of personalized items coming soon so please keep checking back! Hope you enjoy our site and our products bring you a smile today! 

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